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Throughout our Forces and Magnets topic you will make investigate magnetic poles, make a compass and plenty more. Buy this topic containing 6 activities with accompanying activity sheets and a video looking at how magnetic poles work. In addition, it covers the following key aspects of the National Curriculum in England: Geography, Maths and Science.

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Investigating Forces Push Or Pull

Forces Investigation Sheet

Travelling On Different Surfaces Investigation

Travelling On Different Surfaces Investigation Sheet

Magnetic Poles

Magnetic Poles Investigation Sheet

Is It Magnetic Investigation

Is It Magnetic Investigation Sheet

Make A Compass

Magnetic Poles Video

Make A Compass Activity Sheet

Magnet Maze

Magnet Maze Activity Sheet

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Year 3 Forces and Magnets Activities

Welcome to our six Forces and Magnets activities! These activities are designed to help students learn about forces and magnets in a fun and interactive way. Each activity comes complete with worksheets and related videos to help reinforce the concepts being taught.

Our first activity is investigating forces push or pull. Students will learn about the difference between a push and a pull, and how this affects the motion of objects. They will also explore how different forces can change the speed and direction of an object.

The second activity is travelling on different surfaces investigation. Students will investigate how different surfaces affect the movement of objects. They will explore how friction, gravity and other forces can affect the speed and direction of an object.

Our third activity is magnetic poles. Students will learn about the north and south magnetic poles, and how these affect the behaviour of magnets. They will explore the properties of magnets and how they can be used in everyday life.The fourth activity is is it magnetic investigation. Students will investigate which materials are magnetic and which are not. They will explore the properties of different materials and learn how to identify magnetic materials.

The fifth activity is make a compass. Students will learn about the Earth's magnetic field and how it can be used to navigate. They will explore how to make a compass and how to use it to find directions.

The final activity is magnet mazes. Students will have the opportunity to design their own mazes using magnets and explore how different magnets can affect the movement of objects.

All of our Hands-On Education activities meet the standards set out in the national curriculum for England, ensuring that students are learning important concepts in a way that is engaging and effective. We hope you enjoy these activities and that they inspire a love of science and learning in your students!

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