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This KS1 math curriculum activity focus's on fractions and offers six exciting activities your child will surely enjoy. These activities cover essential topics such as identifying fractions, name recognition, grouping objects, and number lines. This topic contains 6 activities with accompanying activity sheets. In addition, it covers the following key aspects of the National Curriculum in England: Math

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  1. Fraction Bar
  2. Fraction of Shapes
    • Fraction Cards
    • Fraction of Shapes Activity Sheet
  3. Name and Identify Fractions
    • Fraction Cards
  4. Grouping Objects
    • Grouping Objects Activity Sheet
  5. Fraction of Length
    • Fraction of Length Activity Sheet
  6. Fractions on a Number Line
    • Number Line Fraction Cards
    • Number Line Fraction Activity Sheet

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Exciting Maths Curriculum Activity for Young Learners

Discover the world of mathematics with this captivating curriculum activity, perfect for young learners. Designed to encourage engagement, the topic includes six different activities for children to enjoy. Whether at home or school, students can utilize our exclusive Fraction Cards to learn about fractions, as well as identify and group objects by halves and quarters. With six activities in total, each complete with activity sheets, the topic covers essential aspects of the National Curriculum in England, specifically in Mathematics.

The Hands-On Education Primary Curriculum Activities are an excellent way to introduce young students to the world around them. Here are some additional points to consider:

  • Math activities include counting, addition and subtraction, and basic geometry. Students can use manipulatives and real-world examples to learn these concepts.
  • Science activities cover topics such as the five senses, plants and animals, and weather patterns. Students can explore these concepts through hands-on experiments and observation.
  • Language arts activities focus on reading, writing, and communication skills. Students can participate in storytelling, journaling, and creative writing exercises.
  • Social studies activities cover geography, history, and cultural awareness. Students can learn about different countries and cultures through interactive activities and games.
  • Overall, the Hands-On Education Primary Curriculum Activities provide a well-rounded education for young students and help them develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity skills that will serve them well throughout their academic life.

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