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Throughout this Maths curriculum of England standard topic you will discover four engaging activities for young learners. Teach play dough fractions, then group and identify shapes by halves and quarters. This topic contains 4 activities with accompanying activity sheets. In addition, it covers the following key aspects of the National Curriculum in England: Math

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  1. Finding Halves And Quarters Of Shapes
    • Shapes Template
  2. Play Dough Fractions
  3. Grouping Objects
    • Grouping Objects Activity Sheet
  4. Half And Quarter Challenge
    • Fractions Of Shapes Activity Sheet

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Hands-On Fractions Activities

Explore mathematics with this exciting maths curriculum activity for young learners. This curriculum based topic is designed to help children learn in engaging ways with four different activities. Home educated and school attending children will have the opportunity to learn about fractions using play dough, as well as identify and group shapes by halves and quarters. The topic includes four activities complete with activity sheets, and covers key aspects of the National Curriculum in England, specifically in Mathematics.

The Hands-On Education Primary Curriculum Activities provide interactive and engaging learning experiences for young students. The curriculum includes a variety of activities that promote critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. The focus is on hands-on learning, allowing students to explore and discover concepts through experimentation and exploration. The activities cover a range of subjects, including science, math, language arts, and social studies, and are designed to be adaptable to different learning styles and abilities.

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