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How long are your contracts?

There are no subscription contracts. You pay a one off fee for a years access to your chosen group.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, we offer discounts on our Key Stage Bundles. We also occasionally offer promotional prices which are generally posted on our Facebook page.

Can I download the activities for offline viewing?

Yes. In order to properly see each activity, you click on the download link. From there you can download, view or print.

Do you offer student pricing?

Not at this stage. We are working on developing a range of discounts for different people and groups.

How do I sign up?

Click on the join page and sign up for a free account. Then from your Account pages you can upgrade to a paid membership or continue enjoying the free topics.

How do I cancel my membership?

There are no reoccurring payments taken therefore there is nothing you need to cancel. You can delete your account from within your Account pages or email us.

Can I switch year groups?

No. Once you have paid for a year you have access to it for 12 months. If you wish to join another year you must purchase access to that group.

Which currencies and countries does Hands-On Education support?

We currently only have activities based on the National Curriculum in England. However, these activities can be done without paying attention to the curriculum.

PayPal process all our payments, so any currency they support you could technically pay in.

Do you offer School Memberships?

Yes, we offer school or group memberships on all our completed year groups and key stages. Simply head to the Hands-On shop and click into the year group you are interested in. The first box offers the entire year. Once inside the year group page you can purchase up to six users at once. Each user beyond yourself if at 50% off, so the more users the cheaper it is!

If you are looking for membership for more than six users then please email us directly.

Have more questions?

Our support team is available Monday to Friday and usually respond within 24hrs. Under the FAQ's section you will find a Contact Us option or use the chat option in the corner of most pages to write us a message.

Using The Activities

How do the Hands-On Education activities tie into the Curriculum?

Each activity meets certain requirements of the curriculum guidelines for England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Each activity sheet clearly lists the aspects met.

There are certain sections of the curriculum Hands-On Education only touches upon. This is primarily Maths, English, Computing and Languages. Our focus is on being active and not sitting at a desk; therefore we do as few desk-based activities as possible. Check out the Curriculum Guide in your chosen year for more details.

How can I get the most out of using Hands-On Education?

Use all of it with having fun in mind. Jeanie believes learning should be fun and these activities are set up that way. Engage with your child and help them without rushing them. If something doesn’t work, let us know, we'll help if we can.

What ages are the activities aimed at?

Mainly primary school children between the ages of five and nine. However, we encourage you to tweak them to suit your needs and age group. Jeanie wants children and parents to have fun learning with these activities and encourages everyone to take them lightly and with adventure in mind.

Do you have activities for older kids / teens?

As Jeanie’s children grow so will the years on offer. To keep it as authentic and realistic as possible Jeanie only creates and publishes activates her family have tried and enjoyed.

How long are the activities?

This depends greatly on the child and activity chosen. Playing outdoors for example can be hours long while painting a picture can be as little as a frustrating few minutes! Generally speaking they can be accomplished in well under half an hour.

How hard or easy are the activities?

This largely depends on you and your child. None of the activities are designed to be difficult. They are all hands-on and intended to make learning fun.

What's covered in each activity?

Each activity comes complete with an outline page. On the activity page you'll find everything you need to teach the lesson. Some have videos or activity sheets as well. Check out one of the free sections for a good feel of the activities before purchasing an entire year group.

Can I download the activities for offline viewing?

Yes. In order to properly see each activity, you click on the download link. From there you can download, view or print.

Please note, beyond the Free Topics that can be found in each year group this does require a membership.

What materials do we need?

Within each activity sheet there is a list of suggested resources. In most cases you will already have the items in your home. Our aim is to use common everyday materials along with the occasional print-outs. A typical activity may require: paper / glue / string / etc.

Can we buy the materials from you?

Not yet. We hope to launch a shop in the future. In the meantime individual topics can be purchased from our TES shop.

More Info

Can you tell me more about how Hands-On Education works?

Hands-On Education is a complete resource for most subjects taught in UK schools. While Jeanie is a home educator this site should suit all families. The aim is not to provide “50 Great Ideas” or anything along those lines which can easily be found. Endless printouts are also readily available elsewhere and not our focus.

At Hands-On Education you choose the subject and activity. The curriculum aspect is yours to pay attention to or ignore. Each activity is unique and has been tested by Jeanie and her children.

What makes Hands-On Education special?

Hands-On Education is a unique resource as it is based on the National Curriculum in England. As a home educator in England Jeanie found a real lack of resources beyond endless worksheet downloads. While not wishing to send her children to school she did want them to be prepared to make that jump if the time ever came. Thanks to years of working as a fully qualified teacher in London schools, prior to having children, her understanding of the curriculum is broad. Wishing to share her knowledge and techniques with others is why Hands-On Education was created.

Does a Hands-On Education paid membership mean I don’t have to look any further?

No. Jeanie covers the vast majority of each year group but not everything. She purchases a third-party Maths and English programme each year. Understanding the importance of these two subjects and knowing her true skills lie in other subjects she gathers inspiration from various companies and individuals.

Who is Jeanie?

Come and read more about Jeanie in the About Us page.

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