Lower Key Stage 2
My Skeleton

We are expecting to launch this topic by the end of October 2022!

Our Lower KS 2 My Skeleton topic takes an in depth look into skeletons both human and animal. Through 9 different activities you will be classifying vertebrate and invertebrate with the assistance of a short video. Look into bone structure, x-rays and even do a skeleton match. Plus much more.

Within this topic you will find:

  • 9 activity plans, all of which clearly explain how to prepare and carry out each activity.
  • 11 activity sheets and investigation sheets to support your child in recording their learning.
  • Plus an in-depth video on classifying vertebrate and invertebrate.

This topic meets aspects within the National Curriculum in England in the following subjects: Art, Design & Technology and Science.

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Chalk handprints looking like an x-ray.

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