Here you will find all our Lower Key Stage Two Physical Education topics.
Here you will find all our Lower Key Stage Two Physical Education topics.

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Core Lower Key Stage Two Physical Education Topics

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The Importance of Physical Education for Children Aged 7-9 and Three Topics to Cover in Lower KS2

Physical education is an essential part of a child's education, particularly for those aged 7-9. At this stage, children are still developing their motor skills and coordination, and it is vital to provide them with opportunities to move, explore and play outside. Here are three topics to cover in Lower KS2 to help your students have fun while developing their physical skills.

  • Fundamental Movement Skills: This topic covers basic movement skills such as running, jumping, throwing, catching, striking and kicking. By teaching children how to perform these skills correctly, you can enhance their coordination, agility and balance.
  • Gymnastics: This topic covers a variety of activities, including rolling, balancing, jumping and climbing. Gymnastics is an excellent way to help children develop their strength, flexibility and body awareness. It also provides a fun and challenging way for children to explore movement and test their physical abilities.
  • Outdoor Games: This topic covers a range of games that can be played outside, such as tag, hide and seek, and obstacle courses. Outdoor games provide children with an opportunity to develop their teamwork and communication skills, as well as their physical abilities. They also allow children to explore their environment and develop their creativity.

In conclusion, these three topics are a fantastic way to help your students develop their physical skills while having fun. Remember to adapt the outcomes, content, delivery methods, resources and differentiation, as well as the relevant National Curriculum objectives if you wish to use any of these activities in a different Year Group or Key Stage.

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