Lower Key Stage 2 Hand prints.

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Our Lower KS2 offerings are still very much a work in progress. Jeanie is tirelessly creating new activities, activity sheets and videos to go along with her ideas for home educators and primary school teachers. The best was to discover new topic releases is by joining our mailing list, or periodically checking this page.

At Hands-On Education we aim to inspire curiosity and creativity, providing engaging and stimulating ideas whilst meeting the standards in U.K. curriculum. Our Lower KS2 curriculum is designed to allow children to naturally explore a subject;organically approaching the world with curiosity.

Enjoy making new discoveries with your child today.

Curriculum Coverage

Lower Key Stage 2 level is school years Three and Four. This is equivalent to the third and fourth years of formal education for children in England and are aged 7 to 9. Hands-On Education is based off the National Curriculum in England and aims to cover every aspect of said curriculum.

Illustrated here is an official table representing the key points of the curriculum. Beyond that you will find links to discover exactly how Hands-On Education's activities meet those requirements. Our activities are open ended and can easily be manipulated to suit both younger and older children. Harry and Teddy often do the activities together despite the 18 months age gap.

Our current coverage for Lower KS2 is still minimal as we are launching each topic as it's ready as opposed to the entire section at once. By the end of 2022 we aim to offer a complete Year 3 topic with Year 4 well under development.

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