Key Stage 1 Hand prints.

Key Stage 1

Here you will discover our full range of Key Stage 1 activities created for children aged 5 to 7. These hands-on topics are designed to encourage children to explore and learn the world around them. We aim to inspire curiosity and creativity, providing engaging and stimulating ideas whilst meeting the standards in the U.K. curriculum.

Our KS 1 curriculum based activities are designed to allow children to naturally explore a subject; organically approaching the world with curiosity.

You can purchase any of these topics individually or buy a complete year group in our shop. Alternatively, visit our free topics hub with links to downloading activities and videos. All without needing to create an account. If you do decide to create a free account you will receive our monthly newsletter which includes exclusive free activities and the latest updates on new additions to Hands-On Education.

National Curriculum Map published by the British Government

National Curriculum Map published by the British Government

Curriculum Coverage

Hands-On Education is based off the National Curriculum in England. Key Stage 1 level is school years One and Two. This is the first two years of formal education for children in England and are aged 5 to 7.

Our activities are open ended and can easily be manipulated to suit both younger and older children. Harry and Teddy often do the activities together despite the 18 months age gap.

Illustrated here is an official table representing the key points of the curriculum. Beyond that you will find links to discover exactly how Hands-On Education's activities meet those requirements.

Complete coverage is currently offered in: Science, Geography, History, Design & Technology, Art & Design, Music, P.E. Partial coverage is provided for: English, Mathematics, Computing, Languages with extensive new topics currently being created to cover English / Literacy and Maths.

Key Stage One Online Access

£59.95 / 1 year

Year One Online Access

£39.95 / 1 year

Year Two Online Access

£39.95 / 1 year

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