Key Stage 1 Downloadable Videos

Hands-On Education: Your One-Stop Resource for Primary School Teachers and Home Educators. You've found your ultimate resource hub for all things education. We understand how crucial time management is when it comes to educating children, which is why we are thrilled to present our exclusive collection of Key Stage 1 free resource videos.

Our videos are designed to be both informative and engaging, covering a broad range of topics and activities that are pertinent to the Key Stage 1 curriculum. Whether you're teaching science, history, or math, our videos offer a fun way to impart knowledge to your students.

Each video is activity-based and topic-specific, providing you with all the information you need to create a fun and educational lesson plan for your class. The best part? Our videos are entirely free to access and download for all Hands-On Education members.

We believe that learning should be a hands-on experience, which is why our videos are interactive and engaging. We hope that you and your students will find our resources helpful and enjoyable. Thank you for choosing Hands-On Education as your go-to resource for all things education.

Enjoy Free KS1 Video Resources

  • Key Features of Amphibians Video
  • Learn About Frogs And Toads Video
  • Frog Life Cycle Video
  • Jackson Pollack Action Art Video
  • Intro To Land Art Video
  • Photography And Nature Video
  • Key Features of Birds Video
  • EYFS Book Challenge Video
  • KS1 Book Challenge Video
  • KS2 Book Challenge Video
  • Castles In Britain Video
  • How Castles Were Built Video
  • Who Lived In Castles Video
  • Heraldry and Coat of Arms Video
  • The Art Of Illuminating Letters Video
  • Cooking In Castles Video
  • About The Bayeux Tapestry Video
  • About Catapults Video
  • Intro to Christopher Columbus Video
  • How Columbus Travelled Video
  • Star Navigation Video
  • The Voyages Of Columbus Video
  • All About Fish Video
  • History Of Flying Video
  • About The Wright Brothers Video
  • Da Vinci video
  • Hot Desert Habitats Video
  • Sahara Desert Map Video
  • Sahara Desert Food Chain Video
  • All About Ocean Habitats Video
  • The Five Oceans Video
  • Mysteries In The Ocean Depths
  • About Polar Habitats Video
  • Antarctica Map Video
  • Antarctica Food Chain Video
  • Rainforests Habitats Video
  • Amazon Rainforests Map Video
  • Animal Life Cycles In The UK Video
  • Food Chains In The UK Video
  • Colours And Shapes Video
  • Inspired By Mondrian Video
  • Kandinsky Shapes Video
  • Key Features Of Mammals Video
  • Mammals Hair And Fur Video
  • All About Neil Armstrong Video
  • Material Origins Video
  • Life Cycle Of A Pumpkin Video
  • Key Features Of Reptiles Video
  • Scutes And Scales Video
  • Map Of The United Kingdom Video
  • National Flowers Of The UK Video
  • History Of Tartan Video
  • About The Lock Ness Monster Video
  • Giants Causeway Video
  • Inspired By Van Gogh Video
  • Starry Night By Van Gogh Video
  • Sunflowers By Van Gogh Video
  • Self Portraits By Van Gogh Video
  • Types of Clouds Video
  • All About Snowflakes Video

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