Harry making a tree picture.

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As a mum of two living on a budget, Jeanie understands the caution over signing up for yet another Membership. Here you can explore our ever growing free content.

You can download Y1 Seasons and Y2 Castles completely free without signing up for anything. This gives you immediate access to 17 activities, 18 activity sheets and all videos.

Hands-On Education (Jeanie) creates engaging realistically achievable activities for children and parents. Focusing on creativity; our activities involve minimal to zero writing, reading or maths.

Have fun with these free resources. Adapt them to suit your family style and just go with it! Put those workbooks away and pick up a paintbrush, your wellies, or even a pond dipping net.

Our Activities

Activity plans provide parents, educators and teachers with all the information you need to undertake each activity.

The focus of our activities is 'learning by doing'. Activities are open ended and there are no 'correct' outcomes at the end. Our priority is for children to enjoy their learning experiences by participating in hands on activities. This also allows for other children of different ages to join in the activities as there is no wrong answer.

Many of the activities take place outside and we encourage you to take advantage of locations in your local areas. Your child can learn about the world around them by exploring the world around them.

Y2 - Castles Activity 2
Castle Model
Autumn Nature Hunt

Our Activity Sheets

Some of the activities are accompanied by supporting activity sheets and videos which you may choose to use.

We love books and recommend your local library as one of the best free resources available to you. Check out loads of books about the topic you are learning and spend time reading and looking through them together.

Y2 - Castles Activity 2

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