Discover our complete range of free topics and resources.

Free Activities & Topics for Home & Primary School

Discover our complete range of free topics and resources.

How do I use the Activities?

Discover a range of free topics and activities, designed to encourage children to explore and learn about the world around them. We aim to inspire curiosity and creativity, providing engaging and stimulating ideas whilst meeting the standards in English curriculum. Hands-On Education provide informed lesson plans, activity sheets and videos. Our resources support parents and educators in guiding children through their learning journey. Many take place outside and we encourage you to take advantage of locations in your local areas. Your child can learn about the world around them by exploring the world at their doorstep.

Many activities are accompanied by supporting activity sheets and videos which you may choose to use. We love books and recommend your local library as one of the best free resources available to you. Check out loads of books about the topic you are learning and spend time reading and looking through them together. In many topics we recommend books related to the subject.

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All topics at Hands-On covers points of the national curriculum for England. To learn more about the curriculum and how our activities cover it go to: reception or the key stages curriculum. Throughout the site you will find tonnes of videos, activity sheets and easy to understand activity plans to support children in their learning journey!

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