Harry shooting off to space.

Curriculum Coverage

Hands-On Education is based off the National Curriculum in England. We currently cover Year One and Year Two (Key Stage One), with Year 3 (Lower Key Stage 2) in slow release. Our current range of activities are aimed at children aged 5 to 8.

Every activity can easily be manipulated to suit both younger and older children. Harry and Teddy often do the activities together despite the 18 months age gap.

Below is an official table representing the key points of the curriculum. Beyond that you will find links to discover exactly how Hands-On Education's activities meet those requirements.

Harry shooting off to space.

National Curriculum Map published by the British Government

National Curriculum Guide

Hands-On Education is based on the National Curriculum in England. Complete coverage is offered for the following subjects:
    Science, Geography, History, Design & Technology, Art & Design, Music, P.E
Partial coverage is provided for:
    English, Mathematics, Computing, Languages
Below you will find a comprehensive guide on how Hands-On Education activities match the curriculum.

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