News and announcements for all things Hands-On Education, including activity ideas, resource tips, and techniques.
News and announcements for all things Hands-On Education, including activity ideas, resource tips, and techniques.
November 2022 Post
in Play / Reception

By subtly, but intentionally, leaving items around for children to find. This could be a book, craft items or even a nondescript items like shells. Whatever the object, there is no scheduled time to look at it or even a specific activity to complete. Children can instead take possession of their own discoveries and make their own decisions about how they move forward with the objects they have...

October 2022 Post
in Play / History

My favourite aspect of history is the stories which have been passed down through time. One of our family favourites is the story of King Cnut. According to the story he walked down to the sea to show that even his power as a King was not strong enough to control the natural elements of the tide. This story was not written down at the time of the events so different versions...

September 2022 Post
in Play / Travel

Earlier this year we went to visit Grandma who lives in America for a couple of weeks. I knew I wanted to create something special as a family to record our holiday and our time with the boys Grandma. A scrapbook seemed like an ideal way to do this. Creating our family scrapbook has been a fun and creative way to reflect on our days together as we collect tickets and...

August 2022 Post
in Play / Literacy

I have had this white board for a while, wondering where the perfect spot to hang it could be. I needed a location where we would see it throughout the day and could easily access it. Finally, the perfect wall presented itself in the kitchen; next to the cooker, and in view from the table where we eat...

July 2022 Post
in Play / Hands-On Learning

I love the way they do not need any outside influences in this type of play. I can sit and read while Harry and Teddy use materials they find in nature. Harry often brings home a collection of treasures which he uses to create sculptures and various artworks. I help by providing the materials he needs for this – usually air-dry clay. Our paints are on a low shelf where he can easily reach and manage it himself...

June 2022 Post
in Travel / Visual Learning

Going on field trips has been a big part of our home education and I feel fortunate that we are able to spend quality time together whilst exploring and learning in different environments. From exploring a new city, (recently London and Edinburgh) to walking through the forest, there is so much to see and learn...

May 2022 Post
in Science / Visual Learning

When we first began exploring the Light, Shadows and Reflections topic we enjoyed a sunny afternoon in the garden drawing the shadows of toys. This was a great introduction to light and shadows as we had to position the toys and ourselves carefully so our bodies did not block the sun. By the time we finished we could see the shadows made by the toys had already changed...

April 2022 Post
in Board Games / Table Top Games

Our family loves board and tabletop games. We incorporate them into our day on a regular basis. In the afternoon, once we’ve finished all our activities for the day and find time to relax, the boys often head to the games shelf. Now that Teddy is 7 and Harry’s 6, they are able to play games together without me. However, on Saturday evenings after dinner we put time aside for family games night. We make a bowl of popcorn and all gather around the table to play.…

February 2022 Post
in Nature / Outdoors

The outside world provides a wondrous place for our children to learn, socialise and exercise. All of these aspects are important in a child’s development. Exploring outside comes to them instinctively, encourages observation and inspires imagination. Whether this is climbing trees, following a ladybird or playing tag with friends, this is hands-on learning in its purest form…

January 2022 Post
in Welcome / Home Educating

I am mum to two boys, Teddy was born in 2014 and Harry in 2016. When we made the decision to home educate I was so excited about all the fun learning experiences my children could participate in. So I was quite surprised that so many of the websites and activities I found involved sitting down and writing.

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