Discover the key features of the science national curriculum through our comprehensive guides and articles.

Curriculum Guides & Articles

Curriculum Guides & Articles

Discover the key features of the science national curriculum through our comprehensive guides and articles.
KS1 Art

Subject of Art

Art Ideas for Key Stage One

‘Action Art’ is a technique inspired by the famous American artist Jackson Pollock (1912 – 1956). With the canvas lying flat on the floor, Pollock experimented with dripping and pouring paint onto its surface. The effect would change with the force he used, the different objects he used to drip the paint and his position around the canvas. His physical movements around the canvas have been compared to that of a dancer...

KS1 Art

Subject of Art

Art In Nature Activities

Within key stage one our Art in Nature topic covers points of the national curriculum for England in: Art, Music and Science. This core topic contains seven activities, plus activity sheets and activity related videos. Your child or classroom will delight at the inspiration they find exploring the natural world around them...

Year 1 Amphibians

Subject of Animals

Characteristics of Amphibians

Amphibians are a cold-blooded species of animal representing a crucial evolutionary step between water-dwelling fish and land-dwelling mammals and reptiles. They are among the most fascinating and critically endangered animals on earth. Unlike most animal groups, cold blooded amphibians such as toads, frogs, newts, and salamanders change from marine-based to land-based early in their life cycle. Scientists...

Year 1 Geography

Subject of Geography

Geography National Curriculum KS1 Guide

The National Geography Curriculum objectives within the United Kingdom are a set of standards that define the knowledge, skills and understanding that children should acquire at each stage of their education. These objectives are designed to ensure that all children receive a high-quality education, regardless of their background or location...

Year 1 Birds

Subject of Art and Design

Key Stage 1 Art National Curriculum

With Hands-On Education, you will discover a large range of topics covering year one and year two art as outlined in the National Curriculum for England. These have been developed for classroom and home school families. Teachers and home educators understand that children learn and grow in their own unique ways and develop artistic ideas independently. Exploring KS1 Art does not mean children have to be taught art lessons or consider themselves budding artists...

Year 1 DT

Subject of Design and Technology

KS1 Design and Technology Guide

Design and technology within the English national curriculum are an essential part of primary education resources. The ideas within the curriculum are designed to provide a framework for the development of students' knowledge, skills and greater understanding. The English national curriculum is constantly evolving, reflecting changes in the environment, equipment and resource structures available to school teachers and parent home educators...

Year 1 History

Subject of History

KS1 History Curriculum Guide

Hands-On Education incorporates a teaching approach that emphasizes fun educational lessons, where children learn through hands-on history-based activities and projects. In the context of teaching national curriculum compliant British and world history topics in primary education our approach can be especially effective in engaging students and helping them develop a deeper understanding of historical events and concepts through a chronological narrative...

Year 1 Amphibians

Subject of Animals

Life Cycle of an Amphibians Article

Throughout our amphibian’s topic your child will learn about the key features of amphibians, find out what frogs eat and the stages of a frog’s life cycle. Explore a pond habitat and observe why amphibians live there, also discover how fully functional early life amphibians are compared to other animals. With seven great activities your students or home educated family will love learning about the life cycle of an amphibian...

Year 1 Literacy

Subject of English Literacy

National Curriculum KS1 English Guide

All forms of hands-on education have become increasingly important in recent years, especially in primary education. Incorporating read aloud spoken language activities and worksheets as a means to introduce key stage content has proven successful. Within the national curriculum of England this method often enables pupils to be effective in their oral language skills. It also can enhance students' overall English language skills...

Year 1 Amphibians

KS1 Science Curriculum

Science National Curriculum Guide

The Science National Curriculum in England presents a programme of study for primary and secondary school aged children that ensures pupils build secure foundations in the subject of science. At Hands-on Education we closely follow the national curriculum for science throughout our activities, worksheets and science videos. By following practical scientific methods processes and taking into account the skills and areas of scientific knowledge needed for young children, our programmes focus on designing suitable, challenging and engaging activities...

Our Commitment to the National Curriculum

Hands-On Education is committed to providing high-quality educational activities to schools and homes. As a leading provider of online educational resources, we strive to offer extensive coverage of each topic and subject within our spectrum of possibility. While we are unable to cover certain areas, such as swimming and computer science, we ensure that each topic and subject is fulfilled as extensively as possible.

To make our resources more accessible, we have mapped out the curriculum for each year group. This allows you to use our resources as a separate reference guide to the national curriculum of England. Our curriculum guides are available for every year group, from Reception to Year 6, and cover a wide range of subjects, including English, Math, Science, and History.

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