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All of these children's books are perfect for your little one's reading list or read-aloud favourite. Jeanie (the creator of Hands-On Education) has either purchased or borrowed from the library all of the recommended kids literature below. She hopes these books are as inspiring to you in your learning / teaching journey as it has been in our household. Use these books to help prompt discussions, discover the motivation for artwork, and generally inspire a young persons life.

We do not accept any sponsorships at Hands-On Education. Therefore, you can rest assure that none of these books are sponsored in any way and we do not take part in any affiliate programmes. Click though to find out more about our recommendations, the authors, publishers, and how they can support you in using our activities.




















Hands-On Education’s Approach to Reading

Hands-On Education's passion for education and learning is evident in there collection of recommended books. These books are not just any ordinary books, but carefully selected ones that are meant to inspire and motivate young minds. Jeanie (the creator of Hands-On Education) believes that books are more than just a source of knowledge; they are also a gateway to creativity and imagination.

One of the great things about Jeanie's collection is the range of topics covered. From art to science, history to literature, there is something for everyone. Hands-On Education understands that each child has their own unique interests and learning styles, and so has curated a diverse collection that caters to different preferences.

In addition to the books themselves, Jeanie also encourages discussion and exploration around the related topics mentioned. She believes that learning is not just about memorizing facts and figures, but about engaging with the material and discovering its relevance to our lives. By prompting discussions and encouraging exploration, Jeanie hopes to foster a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

Overall, Hands-On Education's collection is a testament to their dedication to education and belief in the power of books to inspire and transform lives. Whether you are a teacher, a parent, or a student, there is much to be gained from exploring these pages and discovering the wonders within.

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