Recommended books for children.
Recommended books for children.
What's That Tree?

What's That Tree?
The simplest ID guide ever.

Learn more about the beautiful trees around you with this identification guide, perfect for beginners, featuring over 150 common British and European species.

If you want to know the difference between a Serbian spruce and a silver birch or how different trees change through the seasons then What's that Tree? is the ideal guide for you. Species overviews show you what to look for where and related trees are shown side by side for quick comparison and identification.

Clear photography of leaves will help you to directly compare the tree you're looking at with those in the guide and will assist you with specific features of the leaf to help identify the tree. This quick-reference guide also includes information on bark, flowers, and seeds.

The perfect pocket guide for beginners but also a handy reference for the more seasoned naturalist, What's that Tree? will help you to become an expert tree-spotter in no time.

Year 1: Plants Around Us
Plant a seed and watch it grow, go on a nature hunt and identify the different trees and flowers growing. Find out which trees are deciduous and which are evergreen.

Year 1: Seasons
Explore outside through nature hunts, playing outside and painting the weather. Discover how all these activities and more meet the standards set in the national curriculum and learn more about the world all around us.

Year 2: How Plants Grow
Discover the lifecycle of plants. Do they need water and sunlight to grow and thrive? Can celery be turned blue or red through simple experiments to reveal how water travels through them and their leaves.

Year 3: Investigating Plant Conditions
Throughout this topic you will learn about the life of plants, looking at how they grow through investigations and experiments. Discover how water travels through a plant, how seeds grow and what they need to survive.

Year 3: Seeds and Life Cycles
This topic looks at six different ways seeds and their lifecycles are amazing and integral to each other. Go on a seed hunt and then create a seed bomb. Watch our Seed Dispersal video to learn even more and follow it up with a fun activity. Get to know the world of seeds with this great topic.

Publisher: DK Kids
Format: Hardback
Print length: 128 pages
Dimensions: 191 x 100 mm
Reading age: 6 - 12 years old
Publication date: 01 Mar 2013
ISBN: 9781409366553

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