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Wacky Sports

Wacky Sports

Do you know you can go kayaking in a pumpkin? Or chase a cheese downhill? What about underwater cycling or ironing on top of a mountain? No?

Then find out in Wacky Sports - filled with facts about some of the craziest sports on Earth. Slipstream is a new generation of reading resources specifically designed for struggling and reluctant readers.

Through exciting and carefully levelled texts, Slipstream enables readers to accelerate their reading experience. This book is part of Slipstream LEVEL 2. The 350-word text is levelled for readers with a reading age of 7-9, but its engaging content makes it perfect for a wide range of older readers too. All texts are levelled by reading experts Dee Reid and Diana Bentley.

Year 1: Five Senses
Play and discover your senses with our Best Selling topic! Make a feely box, guess what’s inside the shakers and throw balls into a bowl whilst blind folded. Use all 7 activities to engage and excite children.

Year 1: Human Body
Is it human or animal? Draw around your child for them to paint and label different body arts. Test physical skills by balancing on one leg, race against the clock and play ball games.

Year 2: My Healthy Body
Get active through physical skills, ball and cardiovascular skills. Keep a record of your exercise and learn more about your body through playing outside and movement games.

Year 3: My Skeleton
Our Year 3 My Skeleton topic takes an in depth look into skeletons both human and animal. Through 9 different activities you will be classifying vertebrate and invertebrate with the assistance of a short video. Look into bone structure, x-rays and even do a skeleton match.

  • Publisher: Slip Stream
  • Format: Paperback
  • Print length: 24 pages
  • Dimensions: 23 cm
  • Reading age: 6 - 12 years old
  • Publication date: 13/03/2014
  • ISBN: 1445132273

Anne Rooney

I write books of all sizes for people of all sizes. On the whole, I write short books for short people and longer books for longer people. But I also write a fair number of short books for long people - they're for older readers who aren't yet confident with long books. A lot of the books I write are things that are true. Others are totally made up. Even the made up ones aren't entirely lies. Stories help us discover universal truths through literal lies. So that lies/truth thing - it's trickier than it looks.

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