Recommended books for children.
Recommended books for children.
The Three Little Pigs

Ladybird First Favourite Tales:
The Three Little Pigs

A retelling of The Three Little Pigs for early readers from Ladybird.

A perfect introduction to the traditional fairy tale The Three Little Pigs. Join the three little pigs as they set off to see the world, build their houses and encounter the big, bad wolf. This hardback book contains amusing pictures and lots of funny rhythm and rhyme to delight young children. Ideal for reading aloud and sharing with 2-4 year olds.

This book is part of Ladybirds First Favourite Tales series - these retellings are perfect for introducing young children to classic stories and fairy tales, and the books are just right for those just learning to read.

Reception: Literacy
Literacy is one of the key components listed in the early learning goals. We currently have seven free topics within this component, each one containing multiple activity suggestions. Please login or create a free account to access all these great ideas completely free anytime.

Year 1: Building Houses
Investigate the materials used to build your home. Design and build your own house made from sticks, blocks, paper and even food! With six different activities to choose from this is a great topic for children.

Year 1: Tell Me A Story: One
Within this topic your child can create their own nature story walk through words and pictures. They can design their own spoon characters and make a story through discussion cards, plus more. Plus much more in this 6 activity topic.

Publisher: Penguin
Format: Paperback
Print length: 32 pages
Dimensions: 185mm x 9mm x 185mm
Reading age: 3 - 5 years old
Publication date: 24/02/2011
ISBN: 9781409306320

Nicola Baxter

Nicola is an English children’s writer. She has rewritten many fairy tales. She also has written some non-fiction books. Nicola Baxter has written or compiled over three hundred titles. She has developed ideas for a variety of international publishers and particularly enjoys the marriage of words and pictures that books entail. Geoff Ball's vibrant, colourful illustrations bring the delightful characters in these books to life.

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