Mea Jemison

Mae Jemison:
A kid's book about reaching your dreams.
(Mini Movers and Shakers)

As a child, I dreamed of going into space…

In the new Mini Movers and Shakers children’s book series comes a cast of characters who have failed, yet succeeded despite overwhelming obstacles. In the fourth volume, we meet Mae Jemison. Find out what happens in this kids book about reaching your dreams.

Sometimes, we are faced with challenges that seem insurmountable. But with grit and hard work, one can achieve great things!

Year 1: Neil Armstrong
Create a timeline depicting Armstrong’s journey to the moon, Design and build a rocket, discover moon craters and paint a view of Earth.

  • Publishers: Mini Movers
  • Format: Hardback
  • Print length: 33 pages
  • Dimensions: 21.59 x 0.2 x 21.59 cm
  • Reading age: 6 - 8 years old
  • Publication date: 11 Dec. 2020
  • ISBN: 163731048X

Mary Nhin

Mary loves being the guinea pig for all her husband's kitchen creations. She is a mom of three boys, serial entrepreneur, and author. For 20 years, she has been serving families through her companies, Nhinja and Ninja Life Hacks. She has been awarded the Forty under 40 and Inc 5000. Her books have sold over 3 million copies worldwide.

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