Look Inside Your Body

Usborne Look Inside:
Your Body

From brains and blood to senses and skin – children will love exploring the ins-and-outs of the human body with this fantastic interactive book.

Young readers’ minds will boggle as they learn about how their brains work, what happens when they eat, how their lungs use oxygen and much more.

Full of surprises to keep enquiring minds entertained, including flaps beneath flaps and a cheeky peek inside a toilet cubicle.

Year 1: Five Senses
Play and discover your senses with our Best Selling topic! Make a feely box, guess what’s inside the shakers and throw balls into a bowl whilst blind folded. Use all 7 activities to engage and excite children.

Year 1: Human Body
Is it human or animal? Draw around your child for them to paint and label different body arts. Test physical skills by balancing on one leg, race against the clock and play ball games.

Year 2: My Healthy Body
Get active through physical skills, ball and cardiovascular skills. Keep a record of your exercise and learn more about your body through playing outside and movement games.

Year 3: My Skeleton
Our Year 3 My Skeleton topic takes an in depth look into skeletons both human and animal. Through 9 different activities you will be classifying vertebrate and invertebrate with the assistance of a short video. Look into bone structure, x-rays and even do a skeleton match.

  • Publisher: Usborne
  • Format: Paperback
  • Print length: 14 pages
  • Dimensions: 214.7 x 198.2mm
  • Reading age: 6 - 8 years old
  • Publication date: August 2012
  • ISBN: 9781409549475

Louie Stowell

Louie has written dozens of non-fiction and stories for Usborne, on everything from space science and coding to the human body and politics. After working as an author/editor for Usborne, she went on to be an Editorial Director at Ladybird, Penguin Random House. She is author of the bestselling Loki novels.

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