Recommended books for children.
Recommended books for children.
Look Inside A Castle

Usborne Look Inside:
A Castle

Lift the flaps to explore behind the scenes of a bustling medieval castle as Lord Robert and Lady Margaret hold a feast, watch a tournament and fight off fearsome enemies. Amid the hustle and bustle in the colourful illustrations, find flaps beneath flaps and many more surprises to keep enquiring minds entertained. Young readers can meet lords, ladies, knights and squires and find out how they live, work, fight and relax in their magnificent castle home.

Year 1: Building Houses
Investigate the materials used to build your home. Design and build your own house made from sticks, blocks, paper and even food! With six different activities to choose from this is a great topic for children.

Year 2: Castles
Dive into the history of castles by designing and building one, create castle characters and discover the timeline of castles. Delve into illuminating letters, heraldry design and cooking in castles.

Publisher: Usborne
Format: Paperback
Print length: 14 pages
Dimensions: 214.7 x 198.2mm
Reading age: 6 -8 years old
Publication date: September 2013
ISBN: 9781409566175

Conrad Mason

Conrad grew up in Oxford, and studied Classics at Cambridge. After graduating he became an editor at Usborne, and now he edits children's fiction for Working Partners. His Tales of Fayt children's series and award-winning middle grade novel, The Girl in Wooden Armour, are all published by David Fickling Books. He likes to read, run, and play the mandolin. Conrad now lives in the Chilterns with his wife and children.

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