Recommended books for children.
Recommended books for children.
Let's Save Antarctica

Let's Save Antarctica:
Why we must protect our planet.

Discover why we must protect Antarctica from climate change.

Home to millions of penguins, ancient dinosaur fossils and huge blue whales, Antarctica is our last great wilderness. This fascinating picture book brings to life this extreme and exciting continent for young children, exploring its icy landscape and extraordinary wildlife. It also shows the incredible scientific research that happens there and therefore why it is so important that we act to protect this special part of the planet from climate change and plastic pollution.

Year 2: Habitats: Polar
Investigate blubber using icy water and learn about the Antarctica food chain through interactive cards. Discover polar habitats and map the region.

Year 3: Wonderful Water
This topic takes an in-depth look into how the Water cycle works and particularly the differences between fresh and salt water. Go on a body of water field trip and discover the lost art of filtering dirty water into cleaner water. Your child will also create a land erosion model to work out how rivers are formed.

Publisher: Walker
Format: Paperback
Print length: 32 pages
Dimensions: 230 x 270 mm
Reading age: 6 - 9 years old
Publication date: 01 Sep 2022
ISBN: 9781529504217

Catherine Barr

Catherine wrote her first book The Story of Life after searching in vain for the story (rather than text book) of evolution when her two girls were at primary school. She has now written over 35 books for children to share her curiosity, start conversations and inspire action to care for our natural world. Covering global issues from climate change to freshwater and conservation, Catherine’s books are aimed at children and the grown-ups who read with them.

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