Harry The Happy Mouse Series

Harry The Happy Mouse:
Teaching children to be kind to each other.

Harry The Happy Mouse is a cheerful, traditional story about a Mouse called Harry who lives in the colourful English countryside.Harry helps a Frog, but asks the Frog to repay the kindness to someone else. We follow the good deed as it moves through other characters, who each selflessly help someone else, making themselves feel happy in the process!We learn that a little bit of happiness can go a long way!Harry The Happy Mouse is illustrated by the award winning Janelle Dimmett, bringing the beautiful story to life.Harry the Happy Mouse is 32 beautifully illustrated full colour pages.

Reception: Literacy
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Year 1: Classical Poetry: One
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Year 1: Tell Me A Story: One
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  • Publisher: Penguin
  • Format: Paperback
  • Print length: 36 pages
  • Dimensions: 21.59 x 0.25 x 27.94 cm
  • Reading age: 3 - 7 years old
  • Publication: 29 Mar. 2015
  • ISBN: 1916081177


N.G.K. is the international bestselling children's picture book author whose first book 'Harry The Happy Mouse' has featured on the Amazon bestseller lists in Paperback and eBook around the world. N.G.K has been named in the Top 10 children's authors 2018 by the Author Academy Awards.

Janelle Dimmett

I’m an Illustrator from Union, Missouri who specializes in adult colouring book art, children's book illustration and pattern design. I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2013. I also studied Graphic Design at East Central College three years prior.

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