Recommended books for children.
Recommended books for children.
Big Picture Atlas

Big Picture Atlas

A stunning atlas with 15 beautifully illustrated maps for children to pore over. Young explorers can discover the countries, continents, oceans, mountains and ice caps of our amazing planet and learn where different animals and people live. There are fascinating facts about each country, plus flags and capital cities and an index of place names.

Year 1: Where I Live
Identify where you live and the key features of your local area. Distinguish between human and physical features through checklists and vocabulary cards. Create a play park and map it out with a 3D aerial map and key.

Year 2: Habitats: Deserts
Create a desert habitat collage learning about the animals and climates they live in. Using desert plants create your own desert and find out about the animal food chains of the Sahara Desert. Plus much more in this 6 activity topic.

Year 2: Habitats: Oceans
Make and paint salt dough star fish and discover the different depths of the ocean and where starfish might live. Map the five oceans and learn about the habitats and locations of each. Plus much more in this 5 activity topic.

Year 2: Habitats: Polar
Investigate blubber using icy water and learn about the Antarctica food chain through interactive cards. Discover polar habitats and map the region. Plus much more in this 7 activity topic.

Year 2: Habitats: Rainforests
Create your own rainforest habitat based off the Amazon. Find out how chameleons camouflage themselves by creating your own chameleon artwork. Plus much more in this 4 activity topic.

Year 2: Habitats: United Kingdom
Build a bug house while discovering all about butterfly life cycles and the natural animal food chains affecting the United Kingdom. Go pond dipping, beach hunting and explore minibeasts in their microhabitats. Plus much more in this 6 activity topic.

Publisher: Usborne
Format: Hardback
Print length: 40 pages
Dimensions: 28.8 x 1.2 x 36.4 cm
Reading age: 4 - 7 years old
Publication date: 01 Sept 2016
ISBN: 9781409598701

Emily Bone

Emily grew up among the rolling hills of Hampshire, writing stories about the ants and birds in her garden. After studying English at Cambridge, she found her dream job at Usborne in 2007. Since then, she's written about many weird and wonderful creatures, along with books on space, fashion and food.

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