Atlas Of Ocean Adventures

Atlas Of Ocean Adventures

A Collection of Natural Wonders, Marine Marvels and Undersea Antics from Across the Globe. Set your spirit of adventure free with this journey to the world’s great oceans, discovering the diversity of life that exists in the deep blue sea.

Whether you’re travelling long haul with leatherback turtles across the Pacific, snoozing with sea otters or ice bathing with a walrus, this book celebrates the very prescient topic of the world’s oceans with Lucy Letherland’s animal characters.

Each section begins with an infographic map of the ocean it explores – Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Southern and Arctic – followed by richly detailed two-page spreads exploring its depths and the denizens within, as well as seabirds, coral reefs and shoreline critters. Discover saltwater crocodiles lurking in the Andaman Islands, hammerheads gathering in the Atlantic, and the awe-inspiring colossal squid that calls the Ross Sea home.

Year 1: Fish
Discover the key features of fish and find out what some fish eat. Make a poster and create a paper plate fish. You will find four enjoyable activities in this topic.

Year 2: Habitats: Oceans
Make and paint salt dough star fish and discover the different depths of the ocean and where starfish might live. Map the five oceans and learn about the habitats and locations of each. Plus much more in this 5 activity topic.

Year 2: Habitats: Polar
Investigate blubber using icy water and learn about the Antarctica food chain through interactive cards. Discover polar habitats and map the region. Plus much more in this 7 activity topic.

Year 3: Wonderful Water
In this topic your child will explore the impact of water on earth by learning about the stages of the water cycle. They will explore and investigate how rivers shape the land as well as learn how to make a water filter. These plus much more in this 7 activity topic.

  • Publisher: Quarto
  • Format: Hardback
  • Print length: 96 pages
  • Dimensions: 10.71 in x 14.57 in / 272.00 mm x 370.00 mm
  • Reading age: 6 - 10 years old
  • Publication date: October 22nd, 2019
  • ISBN: ISBN9780711245303

Emily Hawkins

Once a children’s book editor, Emily Hawkins is now a full-time author. Her work has been featured on the New York Times bestseller list (Oceanology, 2009) as well as winning the Children’s Travel Book of the Year Award (Atlas of Animal Adventures, 2016). Along with her background in children’s non-fiction Emily has a strong interest in myth, folklore and storytelling. In 2020 she wrote A Natural History of Fairies, which has been translated into twelve languages, selling more than 100,000 copies worldwide. Emily holds a first-class English degree from Nottingham University, and lives in Winchester, UK.

Lucy Letherland

Lucy Letherland is an illustrator based in London, UK. She graduated from Manchester School of Art in 2011 with a First Class BA (Hons) in illustration with animation. Lucy's work is strongly led by humor and narrative, creating a playful, graphic quality. Her books include Atlas of Adventures, Atlas of Adventures: Wonders of the World, Atlas of Animal Adventures, and Atlas of Dinosaur Adventures.

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