We are passionate about providing positive educational experiences for children through interactive and engaging hands-on activities.
We are passionate about providing positive educational experiences for children through interactive and engaging hands-on activities.
Year 3 Light, Shadows & Reflections

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Each hands-on lesson (or activity plan) provides parents and teachers with all the information needed to undertake and complete each activity successfully. We fully outline every step of the way, from what materials you need, to how the final solution may look, covering everything in-between. A huge amount of research has gone into each lesson and much of the key information we pass on to you, as the educator to pass on to your child or classroom. Our method is one of 'learning by doing' making the activities open ended with no 'correct' outcomes at the end. Our priority is for children to enjoy their learning experiences and allowing for children of various ages to join in the activities.

Many of our lessons take place outside and we encourage you to take advantage of locations in your local areas. We believe your child can learn about the world around them by exploring the world at their doorstep. The activity plans are all written with a single child in mind, they have not been developed purely for a home education or state school in mind. As they are developed to be quite flexible our intention is that they can be expanded to a two child household or a thirty child classroom with relative ease.

Many of the activities are accompanied by supporting activity sheets (worksheets, timeline cards, etc...) and videos which you may choose to use alongside the lesson. We love books and recommend your local library as one of the best free resources available to you. Check out loads of books about the topic you are learning and spend time reading and looking through them together. In many topics we recommend books related to the activity or broader subject. We offer a full booklist that you may wish to checkout.

in your classroom or family learning room!

All topics at Hands-On Education cover points of the national curriculum for England. (We are actively working to expand this to other English language curriculums but it's a slow process!) To learn more about the curriculum and how our activities cover it visit our: reception guidance or the national curriculum for primary aged children which we list in detail. the site you will find videos, activity sheets and easy to understand activity plans to support children in their learning journey! Create your free account today to enjoy the free topic within each year group, along with all of our reception material and videos. What are you waiting for? Join now!

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A warm welcome!

My name is Jeanie and I'm mum to two boys, Teddy was born in 2014 and Harry in 2016. When we made the decision to home educate I was so excited about all the fun learning experiences my children could participate in. So I was quite surprised that so many of the websites and activities I found involved sitting down and writing. As a summer baby, Teddy had only just turned 5 when he started Year 1 and was still struggling to hold a pencil properly. However, I did not want his writing and reading abilities to prevent him from developing important subject knowledge and learning skills. Harry was older at the start of Reception, plus has his big brother to look up to, so the progress I find incomparable, even today.

Before I had children I was a qualified teacher, with experience of teaching KS1, KS2, KS3, GCSE and A-Level dance throughout primary and secondary schools. I have always been a very practical hands-on learner and with a good understanding of the way the National Curriculum is structured. Therefore, I decided to find ways my children could learn by building, creating, designing, exploring and even playing!

I want to share these activities with you, all of which meet the standards set in the National Curriculum. I hope you enjoy the site and monthly blog posts on a variety of subjects that seem relevant in my family life in that moment.


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